The SWYFtT/STQ Swap Process Update

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To all STQ users looking to swap their STQ tokens to SwyftT.

Please watch the video below to help you with the preferred swap method . We will look at other options in the near future,  but given the holiday season, they will not be explored until the New year.

Technical support will be provided to all users for this method beginning NOW!

We’d like to ask those that have successfully swapped to take a moment to share your experience with the community to assist others in their attempt to swap. Despite different languages,  your assistance would be gratefully appreciated. .

It’s important to note that MetaMask provides enhanced flexibility for our swap platform while linking it to your MetaMask account for approval.

Tremendous time and effort have gone into making this a trouble free process.

Before starting please make note of the following:

STQ Contract Address addition:


SWYFTT Contract Address addition


You will need Gas for this transaction, so please load your ETH address with a minimum of $5 in order to process your transaction.

Should MetaMask not be your preferred wallet, use it first to swap. You can then withdraw your tokens back to your preference.

Updates will be announced to the community on HITBTC and COINBENE in the very near future (hoping for tomorrow). These exchanges are in consistent contact with us and we will diligently continue to work with them.

The goal is to swap on these exchanges shortly.

Special thanks to @BifrostActual for his extremely tireless contribution and effort.  The work is first class. The business/project will continue to produce superior quality for each of our current and future investors.

Our community and investors certainly deserve it!

Kind Regards

Mike Havard, (CEO SWYFT)


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