SWYFT Holder Contracts Replacing Masternodes

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High Reward Holder Contracts Replacing Masternodes


Creating and running Masternodes for a blockchain can be a complicated and frustrating process for many users who lack advanced computer skills thus we are introducing Holder Contracts.

While there are scripts and hosting solutions to simplify this process, you are tied to a local machine and need a dedicated cloud server and IP address.

It can cost upwards of $5 per node per month and each Masternode will be tied to an exact collateral amount locked up to be rewarded. Each Node typically needs a dedicated setup.

You must also realize that the way in which the rewards are calculated is based on the number of nodes on the network using the set reward schedule which is estimated. Holder Contracts are vastly superior.

Example: If a blockchain is paying a reward every minute, there are 1440 minutes to a 24hr period.  This network was estimated at around 1000 nodes, so you would get a reward every 16 hours. As rewards are paid and more Masternodes are set up, the rewards will reduce as the frequency becomes longer.

With every Masternode competing against the same block there is no guarantee the result will give you the desired intention.

It is also worth noting that you often need to periodically monitor / check this activity to ensure your node is running on the VPS and the local machine. Any disruption to this service and your wait time can take up to 2-3 days before your Rewards start again.

Any disruption in the availability of a Masternode for more than an hour forces that Masternode to the end of the line for rewards.

Masternodes were intended to not only stabilize and secure the network, but to also add stability to the price by locking a supply of collateral.  However, Masternodes can be easily released by unlocking the collateral for transfer, which means there is no real impact on stabilizing price volatility.

Holder Contracts are vastly superior!


A New Dawn

Our Holder Contracts have been designed for any user with the ability to replicate the above with a better user experience, mobile ability and reduction in costs. They incorporate an absolute lockout period in exchange for an increased reward benefit over and above the weighted supply expansion feature for common holders.

You are guaranteed a return at the end of the term chosen.

Simply use the SWYFT mobile wallet or online platform (currently under development: Est Jan 2020) to select the number of tokens you would like to lock up for which time frame. This will give you your personal rewards pro-forma before acceptance, much like an ISA calculator.

These Tokens will be locked for the term but still viewable with days remaining until the contract matures. We will offer a SWYFT Dashboard and calculator so holders can see when liquidity will be released against the overall supply.

There may be a minimum Token amount when it comes to holder contracts with no upper limit to the amount contracted. Holder contracts will start from 1,000 Tokens. This gives the ability to lock up anything above the minimum.

Spaces will be limited by tier unless you have a White Listed address. It is worth noting that while you won’t have the ability to directly break an active contract,  you can request to do so from the Dev team.

When the terms are breached, you will be refunded your initial stake however forfeit the contract rewards committed from the contract. The setup fee is non-refundable. Please note that contracts will be subject to change.

Holder Contracts are a vast improvement over Masternodes.


Examples of a Terms below (Metrics Yet To Be Decided)

1 Month – Min 1,000 Tokens – 400 Spaces – ROI 5% – (1050) – $2.00 Setup Fee (ETH)

3 Month – Min 2,000 Tokens – 250 Spaces – ROI 20% – (2400) – $5.00 Setup Fee (ETH)

6 Month – Min 3,000 Tokens – 200 Spaces – ROI 50% – (4,500) – $9.00 Setup Fee (ETH)

9 Month – Min 4,000 Tokens – 100 Spaces – ROI 80% – (7,200) – $12 Setup Fee (ETH)

12 Month – Min 5,000 Tokens – 50 Spaces – ROI 120% – 11,000) – $15 Setup Fee (ETH)


Whitelisted Address

Whitelisted Addresses won’t have to be concerned about space restrictions. You will have opportunity for exclusive contracts outside of the schedule available to the general community.

We will build a team of Ambassadors who will test new tech, challenge our ideas with suggestions, help us create new concepts to grow our eco system while supporting the community.  Thus, raise our exposure through spreading the word of our vision.

Help spread the word of the SWYFT Holder Contracts.

Having a Whitelisted address is the option to earn extra tokens on our journey through project contribution while being part of the select Ambassador Telegram group.

Another component will be the opportunity to participate in the Tether ETH Reward System in advance.  Every time tether tokens, funded by you and with your token’s serial number, is cycled from a token swap to lock in value in a bear marker and/or utilized on one of our payment gateways you will be entitled to half of the 4% commission that the business recovers; payable in Tokens in cases of a swap or in ETH when used as a merchant settlement.


To obtain a Whitelisted Address, 2 Options will be offered.

Spaces will be limited!


Option 1 – Support the Project by participating in our early token sale. This gives you instant access to the group including insider information and our daily conversations. Note – there is a minimum token purchase requirement for this option


Option 2 – You will be selected through a history of Project contribution having dedicated  personal time to help us deliver a concept,  perhaps a logo or another idea. Also, you have supported the community by assisting with issues that arise that are resolved before escalation. In addition,  you are regularly keeping our community active while we build out the project.

A key component will be continuous and consistent Social Media Support such as likes, shares and retweets helping to grow our all important reach.

We look forward to enhancing our group of SWYFT supporters. If you already made a purchase, please drop Mike Havard (CEO) or “BiFrost Actual” a message to  integrate you into the Group.

When you are selected we will make an Announcement following a DM from you.


Kind Regards


Mike Havard


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