SWYFT Growth Takes a Giant Step Forward

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Yesterday’s Team Call included a myriad of topics to focus on. Numerous items were discussed as we move on from the swap continuing the Swyft growth.

What are we currently focusing on?

Communications will now be divided into several, detailed and consistent updates in the days/weeks upcoming.

Each agenda item will be written up and reported via announcements in the interest of full transparency.

It is with great excitement that we announce (anticipate) a strategic takeover by the Swyft project. This upcoming potential merger presents an opportunity to focus on specific areas we have been trying to resolve:

We will be addressing Community Size, General Chat, Increased Exchanges, A larger outreach program, the ability to utilize increased resources. These resources will allow us to deliver technically, manage the community and to amplify our well-established social media presence.  Swyft growth continues.

I have been in discussions with a potential business partner during the last several weeks. I am pleased to announce that the asset transfer document has been delivered for signing. We are patiently awaiting return of the paperwork to close the takeover of a project called Storiqa – Ticker STQ.



Storiqa raised over $25 Million in an ICO that was conducted from Nov 2017 to Feb 2018. Their vision was to create a marketplace that allowed small-scale sellers to create their own online stores. After which launching products while paying for goods and/or services with STQ tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

The building of the e-commerce platform began and is located at https://stqcorner.com It requires further development to create mass adoption. The project has recently been removed by the Admin who is actively seeking collaboration. The mismanagement of funds used for this project and the Crypto Crash left them short on what they could achieve.

The community consists of over 50,000 followers who are still connected to their Telegram channels found here:


Storiqa also had a fairly large web presence with good social media marketing following before the exit. This is some of why the Dev wants to continue to work on the project.

They are an ERC20 Ethereum based token with over 10 Billion in circulation. This tends to make it difficult for us, given the low price point, to accommodate them into our current blockchain. Enter the SWYFT Token which pursues the long term plan of having smart contact abilities within our business for the mobile vision we have.  Swyft growth continues.

We will document, within the next announcement, our plans to accomplish this task as we investigate technology and flexibility.

We will share that information with everyone to take advantage of swapping.

Storiqa is currently listed on these Exchanges:

Hotbit, HitBTC, WarizX, SistemKoin, CoinBene, IDEX, Indodax and LAToken

We are attempting to determine if there are any more within their portfolio.

Over the next 24-48 hours we will be contacting the above Exchanges. The purpose is to assess our ability to switch the Token chain over to our own once developed. In addition, we will be looking at the expense and seeking to delay delisting until the transition occurs.

A number of individuals within the project have contacted me to help with building out the e-commerce store while helping the project going forward. We will be in touch with these members once the process has been completed.

We need to understand skill set and position while taking advantage of additional people. There is tremendous benefit to embracing roles within the tech and community management roles considering the increased numbers and ambition.

This takeover is far beyond any project size I envisioned as we entered into running a partner program. This ONE move enhances the reach of project and adds a physical use case once delivered. It will take considerable work to plan out the infrastructure that will be required (from a people and transitioning point of view).

That said, this is an active discussion point within the team while we explore every corner ensuring our ability to move forward.

In previewing the next update, we will be sharing ideas on the scoping of smart contracts, the technology to implement with the Mobile Wallet application (in development) and the benefits of both chains to the new and existing community.

Kind Regards

Swyft Dev, CEO (Mike Havard)


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