Tether Token

A non-fungible, serial numbered tether token will give investors the ability to swap from Swyftt during bearish times, but also help attract more merchants with a guaranteed buy back for use as a payment option. It will also give us the ability to tie our token in to any local currency for attracting localized bank partnerships when using our currency within everyday life through the Swyft wallet and virtual cards.

Market Place

We will be exploring several marketplace designs to rival the likes of CraigsList, Ebay, Amazon and Shopify with an integrated and native cryptocurrency payment system in an effort to gain mass adoption through ease of use and transparency for the users. Initial offering will be a peer to peer localized listing service for selling personal items for Swyftt with an intuitive platform within the mobile wallet.

Payment Gateway

Payment modules for services such as Neto, Spotify, Woocommerce, Magento and Big Commerce are a necessity for us to capture the thirst for using cryptocurrency as an online payment method for ecommerce stores. We will expand our offering to other platforms as we explore this use case to offer Swyftt and the Tether to merchants with potential benefits of no chargebacks and concept escrow services.

Incubator Programme

Our incubator program is to attract new developers from all over the world to our ecosystem, bringing with them new ideas and innovations that will enhance Swyft’s offerings through mobile and web applications. Investing in people is just as important as investing in products, expanding the team leads to a more timely and quality of project deployment alongside support addition.