An objective based monthly bonus paid out to all non-exchange addresses for the true hodler! Much like Staking, bonuses are weighted against volume held and only recoverable to the address logged. Earn through engagement and project support.


Flexible timed lockout contracts for a higher guaranteed loyalty income. Say goodbye to VPS setups, hosting solutions and local monitoring. Our vesting contracts are not only a pure approach to price stability through actual lockout but adaptable against market direction.


A user-friendly dashboard to understand price and volume at exchanges and liquidity release on all existing network vesting contracts. Making decisions has never been easier through an investor tool for choosing ideal timeframes, places available and metric information.


Our multi language Hierarchical Deterministic wallet is open source and has been built against the Trust wallet for security and convenience for the user. For language addition please contact our Admin Team and we will push on next available update.


A competitive flat rate instant buy feature with ETH within the wallet to help users get started joining the Swyft Ecosystem. The buy feature can qualify you for a whitelisted address. This may be made unavailable at the team’s discretion to support exchange volume.


Our exchange feature will help Investors swap into and out of one of our multi-currency Tether Tokens. Creating a stable platform for investor value is essential in a volatile market, in bearish times lock out value and return offsetting price against a volume buy back.


Keep up to date on all the advances that your Swyft team is making through a selection of blog entries, videos and news. Develop a deeper understanding of the Swyft vision, educate yourself on relevant articles and stay tuned on when to redeem your bonus.


A Coin Market Cap direct link to view our history, market index data and social posts. Let’s track our progress together on our journey as a crypto competitor and our traction to placement in the top 100. Features may be added and changed through our project deployment plan.