[ANN] SWYFT: Coin Swap Instructions

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Ensure that all of your old coins are in a limited amount of transactions. You must have a new wallet – Synced with the new address created. 

To swap your coins (during first TWO weeks) using the automatic Swapper please follow the following link: 


The Process is Simple: 

1) Select whether you need FROST to Swyft or SATC to Swyft.

2) Generate seed and copy in the box below and enter.

3) Send coins to the address provided.

4) Paste TXID in box when sent AND verify.

5) A message will come up saying verified.

6) Paste withdraw address from new wallet to receive calculated amount.

7) Wait for message to say successful transaction.


Don’t refresh page during process. Be patient and await the message to verify TXID and Withdraw – only press once

You can swap multiple times however, you cannot use the same TXID twice once verified. Always check the sending address before trying again.

Please remember that the penalty starts (week 3) and the swap ratio changes. It is in your best interest to swap within the First 2 Weeks.

Additional Messages will follow soon regarding Week commencing 23.09.2019. 

The automatic swapper will be offline from the 22.09.2019.

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